Friday, August 17, 2012

OPI Spotted

Sorry for the lack of posting my friends... Retail during "back to school" season is just crazy! But I'm back!

I have recently made friends with a fellow blogger/  nail polish addict named Sabrina .. We decided to be "polish friends and send each other random little polish gifts! It is so fun!!! Being that she of from France of course the first thing I kindly asked her for was a bottle of Spotted!!!! and guess what!!!!!.....

 This is what she sent me!!!! I was soooo excited! Sabrina picked a BEAUTIFUL polish in a color I oddly didn't even have in my collection... PURPLE! and a very sparkly purple too!!! whoohoo! well I'm sure you can guess.. I played with this stuff ASAP!!!

This is such a beautiful color by itself!! I actually wore it on its own for a couple days then added the Spotted on top...

Let remind you that sparkle and black are 2 of my FAVORITE things! lol
I tried to get a good picture...but I promise this looks amazing IRL..

So what you you think of OPI Spotted??
 If you own it.. whats your favorite color to put under?

Thank you again to Sabrina for being my "polish Pal" and I will be shipping your next package soon!!!

Monday, July 30, 2012


Gosh theres a few things I just cannot get enough of right now!.... Gel polish (CND), black polishes of any type, and my glitters from the born pretty store!!!... 

This after 1 day at work, I was too tired by the time I finished lastnight :)

Thursday, July 26, 2012


Good Morning!!! Just droppin' by to show you ladies what Im currently wearing! I Go back to work today after being on Vacation, so I knew I wanted to do gel and stamping and at the same time wanted to try out my new glitters from the born pretty store!.... so many things to choose from right! every time I get something new I cant wait to try it! so this kinda ended up a mixture of all the things I wanted to try, thrown onto 1 mani! haha

 I used black CND polish and used white Konad polish to stamp my Image.. I must say I was a little overwhelmed with this mani, Its most defiantly the "busiest" mani I have ever had..

On my accent nail I applied red and silver diamond shaped glitters... they didnt come out as straight as I would have liked, but they still looked cute! :)

Thank your stopping by!!!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Black Shatter

Just a super quick post to show you ladies my black Shatter polish from the spider man collection.
I first put 2 coats of hot pink and a gold-ish yellow stripes on each nail, then put the black Shatter on top! super quick and easy!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Kardashian glitter time

Here we go ladies.. I was so sad about the last gradient I HAD to try it again! this time GLITTER baby!!! So, just an FYI I am NOT an obsessed Kardashian fan I JUST SO HAPPEN to love the colors in this collection.. haha that being said,

I used: Nicole by OPI; Kendall on the katwalk. follow me on glitter & wear something spar-kylie
            Konad black polish, MASH plate #41

I used the makeup sponge technique again, but as we all know glitter is a little hard to get off so clean up on this one was a little harder. I love how it looked just like this, but I wanted to add a little somethin more...

Hello ZEBRA!! I love it even more now!!! what do you think??!!

 what is your favorite type of gradient? glitter?? certain colors together? stamping on top?

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Gradient sunset

I have never done a gradient Mani before so here it goes.... lol  I have seen soo many tutorials and great pictures of these that I had to try it out! I started off by using a makeup sponge and LOVED the results!!!

I used: Pure Ice-excuse me
            OPI- A roll in the Hague, color so hot it berns

This is a pic with out a top coat because I wanted to try layering it with black so that the bright shows though..... And I TOTALLY messed it up putting stickers on it :( it peeled off my colors..
 Am I supposed to put a clear coat first??? then layer?

Anyhoo this is the only nail I was willing to show... haha
This would have been a pretty manicure...but sad to say I had to take it off right after this post... going to have to try gradient again soon...

Thank you ladies for stopping by!!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


As I was commenting on blog yesterday, I passed by a challenge that Polish art addiction was having: Monochromatic theme. This sounded FUN I have never played with a nail challenge before! So I went with BLUE!!  You ladies should play along it will be fun!!!

I used: Salley Hansen; Blue me away & Blue it, white Konad polish
Konad plate #M27 fish

I tried to stamp In a light blue.. but the image did not show so I hope using white doesn't disqualify me : /

In this pic I tried to capture that on each dark blue nail I added pieces of light blue glitter to represent bubbles.