Friday, July 20, 2012

Kardashian glitter time

Here we go ladies.. I was so sad about the last gradient I HAD to try it again! this time GLITTER baby!!! So, just an FYI I am NOT an obsessed Kardashian fan I JUST SO HAPPEN to love the colors in this collection.. haha that being said,

I used: Nicole by OPI; Kendall on the katwalk. follow me on glitter & wear something spar-kylie
            Konad black polish, MASH plate #41

I used the makeup sponge technique again, but as we all know glitter is a little hard to get off so clean up on this one was a little harder. I love how it looked just like this, but I wanted to add a little somethin more...

Hello ZEBRA!! I love it even more now!!! what do you think??!!

 what is your favorite type of gradient? glitter?? certain colors together? stamping on top?


Anonymous said...

I love your two gradients, they are perfect and so pretty ;)

Sandra said...

Looks amazing!

The Lady said...

So sparkly, need sunglasses!