Thursday, July 19, 2012

Gradient sunset

I have never done a gradient Mani before so here it goes.... lol  I have seen soo many tutorials and great pictures of these that I had to try it out! I started off by using a makeup sponge and LOVED the results!!!

I used: Pure Ice-excuse me
            OPI- A roll in the Hague, color so hot it berns

This is a pic with out a top coat because I wanted to try layering it with black so that the bright shows though..... And I TOTALLY messed it up putting stickers on it :( it peeled off my colors..
 Am I supposed to put a clear coat first??? then layer?

Anyhoo this is the only nail I was willing to show... haha
This would have been a pretty manicure...but sad to say I had to take it off right after this post... going to have to try gradient again soon...

Thank you ladies for stopping by!!!

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Denise Swalley said...

I love the colors they are so pretty together. Great first attempt. I have tried with a make-up sponge and regular sponge both times worked really well :)