Friday, August 17, 2012

OPI Spotted

Sorry for the lack of posting my friends... Retail during "back to school" season is just crazy! But I'm back!

I have recently made friends with a fellow blogger/  nail polish addict named Sabrina .. We decided to be "polish friends and send each other random little polish gifts! It is so fun!!! Being that she of from France of course the first thing I kindly asked her for was a bottle of Spotted!!!! and guess what!!!!!.....

 This is what she sent me!!!! I was soooo excited! Sabrina picked a BEAUTIFUL polish in a color I oddly didn't even have in my collection... PURPLE! and a very sparkly purple too!!! whoohoo! well I'm sure you can guess.. I played with this stuff ASAP!!!

This is such a beautiful color by itself!! I actually wore it on its own for a couple days then added the Spotted on top...

Let remind you that sparkle and black are 2 of my FAVORITE things! lol
I tried to get a good picture...but I promise this looks amazing IRL..

So what you you think of OPI Spotted??
 If you own it.. whats your favorite color to put under?

Thank you again to Sabrina for being my "polish Pal" and I will be shipping your next package soon!!!


Anonymous said...

OMG! It's so pretty on you :D. You should have more purple nail polishes, it looks really good on you!!!!
I think purple + spotted is a great combo. In France, with the opi spotted a lot of people put red, purple, blue and silver nail polish...

I am so glad you like my package!!!
I hope you will love the next one ;p

Criminal Nails said...

WHAT!? Did you actually wait for two days before using Black Spotted! You are a strong strong strong woman! ;)