Friday, July 6, 2012

Skulls and Fire

Hello all!!!! I wish I was more excited to share this mani with you all today but LET ME TELL YOU.... this mani gave me the biggest issues URG! This is another Gel Mani with a little more stamping. My first "round" of gel got wrinkly to I had to SOAK that off and start again.. THEN.. I had silver and black flames that looked crappy, so I had to remove that and start that AGAIN! in between all this I kept getting cotton stringy crap in my polishes.... SOOOOO over it! hahaha but I had to at least show you my attempt because this flame and skull is what SOLD me on this MASH set. hopefully next time I will be more excited about it! lolol
I added pink Swarovski crystals to his eyes.

I used:
CND- Asphalt
Konad polish: black and white
Stamping plates: MASH 29 and 48


Criminal Nails said...

Weeeeell then let me tell you I facking adore it! Those flames look absolutely great! Is that stamping, you say? NEED! No, seriously I'm sorry about the cotton mess and all, shit happens, but I think the result is awsome ^^

Denise Swalley said...

I agree great outcome :) try the lint free pads when stamping anything else leaves cotton behind and it is a biznitch to clean off! Love the crystal details :)

MixedMama said...

I am sooooo doing these!!!! Amazing job!

Kelly's Nail Blog said...

I agree with all the above...especially that this mani looks friggin awesome. I need this stamp too! Very nice job! : )

Katie Moreno said...

Loooooooooovvvvvvveeeeeee these!