Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Good morning ladies!!! today I wanted to share with you a idea I had the other day.... "I wonder if I put a layer of clear gel on top of REGULAR polish if would stay longer?" I LOVE gel, but there are Defiantly not as many fun color options so I wanted to try this out! I work in retail, so "regular polish" IF I am lucky will last me 2 days, chipping on my first day usually.
So what I did was I applied my gel base coat, wiped off with rubbing alcohol, applied my regular polish (let dry completely) then applied my gel top coat!
These pictures are after 1 day of working!! I'm so excited! if this works out, it might be my new permanent way of doing my nails!
CND: Tutti Frutti
OPI:  Fly
MASH plate: 45
Konad special white polish


The Lady said...

I had never thought to do that, I always expected there would be some chemical reaction and my fingers would explode. Good to know.

Sandra said...

It looks so lovely!

kaylee said...

I love these colors together! Super cute!