Thursday, June 14, 2012


Hello everyone!!! I am brand new with my new nail blog!!! yeeey!!! I have been sooo inspired by so many nail blogs latley that I thought.."why not!"
Please bare with me tho haha my nails are short, my cuticles aren't the best and I still have a lot to learn  :)
so for anyone out there that has suggestions for me pleeease don't hesitate to help a sister out! haha

I like to play around with regular polishes but also with Gel polishes too! I have tried CND brand and have slowly been trying different brands too (one at a time to make sure they cure with my lamp).I have recently ordered me a couple of cool "tools" to help be be more creative with my nails too! this week I received my french manicure stickers from ebay, dotting tools and few polishes from amazon! now all I'm waiting on is my MASH stamping set! I cant wait!!!

Anyways! enough of that... on to my first manicure post!!!! drum droll please! haha

I have had these little "gold rocks" for years and years, I actually bought them for my scrap booking, but I'm thinkin I LIKE them on nails better!!! haha what do you think?

supplies used:

OPI-Chip Skip & base coat
Icing-Gold Rush
Sech Vite- top coat
gold rock flakes

Thank you so much for stopping by!!!


Criminal Nails said...

Hi Denise :) I think it's a great idea! I like how edgy it is! See you around!

Caitt said...

This is so pretty! It reminds me of NYX Gilded Glitter, but better! Awesome ideas x