Wednesday, June 27, 2012


So I received 2 of the 4 Konad polishes yesterday, silver and gold. is it just me or did I totally WASTE my money on these? maybe I'm doing something wrong? they seem super thin and the image doesn't show very well :(   maybe I need to get back on YouTube and watch more videos, because as of right now I am very discouraged. I hope the black and white are much more vibrant (fingers crossed).. Does any one have helpful tips for me? I would really appreciated them.

Enough complaining for one post lol.. the highlight of my evening was my Fiance came home last night with 4 new polishes for lil ol' me!!! whooo hoooo!! 4 polishes from the OPI Spider man collection! can you imagine my excitement!? haha so today I wanted to show you one of them...

First I applied 2 thick coats of  Essie: Shine of times
Then a thin coat of: OPI Blue Shatter

I really like how this looks IRL but in the pictures not so much.. next time I will choose a darker base color.

                          Essie: Shine of times
                           OPI Blue Shatter 

Thank you much for stopping by today!!!

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